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The internet connected everything; communication became easier and transferring data across the globe effortless. But in return we make ourselves more vulnerable to bad intentions. The impact of an actual privacy breach or manipulation of systems can be disastrous, not only for organizations but also for the safety and privacy of many individuals - it touches all of us - with great impact on how we live and work. 

We can only maintain the benefits of the internet for the long-term if we carry more responsibility for what we create and facilitate online.

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Edwin van Andel
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Koen Peeters
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Jan Albert Jonker
Head of Sales
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Olivier Beg
Head of Researchers
Thumb avatar 1523540493
Chantal Stekelenburg
Head of Operations
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Joachim Nolten
Head of Software Development
Thumb avatar 1523540528
Piotr Klosinski
Software Developer
Thumb avatar 1523541984
Lucas Luitjes
Software Developer
Thumb avatar 1523542021
Mariusz Pruszynski
Software Developer

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Sylviuslaan 2, 9728 NS Groningen, Netherlands


Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 12, 1017 RC Amsterdam, Netherlands