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Bring continuous online security to every organization

Working as ethical hackers and security researchers over the past decade we learned that online security became a Wild West for companies. Trying to get control of risk levels by assigning security teams, hiring security companies at scheduled intervals and licensing multiple expensive solutions, but eventually, ending up with a security flow that is not insightful and with reports scattered all over the place.

Online security isn’t just about implementing smart technology, it is also about including the right people, gathering insider intelligence and the ability to align all these processes towards one goal. Instant access to the best security expertise and tools is essential for organizations to be able to keep up with rapid developments on 'the other side'.

Today, Zerocopter enables you to confidently leverage the skills of the world's most knowledgable ethical hackers to secure your application

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Edwin van Andel
Riccardo Ten Cate
Jan Albert Jonker
Head of Sales
Chantal Stekelenburg
Head of Operations
Olivier Beg
Head of Researchers
Warner Dijkstra
Finance Manager
Joachim Nolten
Head of Software Development
Lucas Luitjes
Software Developer
Mariusz Pruszynski
Software Developer
Joni Hasanen
Software Developer
Tanya Fomina
Customer Success Manager

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